Welcome to Oilmomlove!


my name is tetz agustin.

i am,

a dreamer. thinker. philosopher. trying more to be a doer. ouchie kisser. hugger. storyteller. foodmaker to a milk monster. former filmmaker. writer. producer. someone who misses the theater. series binger. oiler. reader. happiness wisher and pursuer.

Hey you!


Thanks for dropping by and letting me share MY story with you. I’ve heard often enough that once you have kids, everything changes. There is so much truth in that because life is sooooo much richer. There will always be struggles and dark days, but oh the silver linings and rainbows make up for all of them and MORE. Most days. just kidding. They really do.


There are times in my life when I believe I might have lost my voice or forgotten to dream and I realize I must not be alone in this. Mom or not, YOU might be too. 


So, whether you are here to learn more about my family’s wellness journey, or wanting to start your own, or just looking for another mom to link arms with, I hope to be able to share with you, my new friend, OUR STORY.


Let’s get in touch!